1. Parents are advised to drop and pick up the child from the bus station.
  2. Students will go directly to their seats as soon as they enter the bus and remain sited until they get down at their stop.
  3. Any disturbing noise such as screaming, laughing, loudly, singing, shouting etc. are not allowed while in the bus.
  4. Students should sit normally and should not stretch out any part of their body out of the windows.
  5. Eating is not allowed on bus.
  6. When leaving or approaching the bus, students should always look both ways down the street. They should not run into the street from behind or in front of the bus.
  7. Students should not throw any objects out of the windows.
  8. If a student could not reach in time and missed the bus, he/she has to arrange his/her own conveyance without any excuse.
  9. Students should understand that their conduct can make the difference between having an accident and not having an accident. It is therefore, essential that all students riding bus should strictly follow the directives of the bus monitor and the driver.
  10. Only students who have paid bus fee can travel by bus.
  11. A student with a leave slip will be permitted to travel by bus.
  12. No student will take off his/her uniform till he/she reaches home.