Examination Rules

  1. Students should attend school 20 minutes prior to the time specified for the commencement at the examination.
  2. Students who are late by more than 40 minutes shall not be admitted.
  3. Students should accept the seating arrangement set by the invigilator.
  4. Student who leaves his/her seat or the examination hall without securing permission from the invigilator may compel him/her to cancel that particular subject of the examination.
  5. No students can keep books, notes and any other copying materials connected with the subject in the exam hall.
  6. Students can be physically searched by the invigilator or superintendent during the courses of examination at any time.
  7. Students who receive and give assistance during the course of examination by mean of communication or exchange of papers may compel them to lose their marks according to their offence.
  8. Student who is detected in using unfair means i.e. cheating during the course of examination, that particular subject of his/her examination shall be liable to be cancelled.
  9. Re-examination will be given only to the bed ridden or the accidental cases of students.  However, it must be claimed prior to the result day.

Re-Examination Rule:

Procedure for the re-examination:

  1. Should produce a sick leave application to the class teacher before the commencement of the examination.
  2. Should bring all reliable medical documents and they must be approved by the School Nurse.
  3. Should request the class teacher to write an application on his/her behalf addressing to the Principal for his kind permission to sit for the re-examination.