No leave will be granted for attending parties, birthdays, marriages etc. Leave beyond three days must be referred to the Principal. Students absent from school for 15 days without any leave letters are liable to have their names struck off. Re-admission may be granted according to the discretion of the Principal.



The parent/guardian must approach the discipline in charge with a written application in person. Sick leave up to three days can grant by the discipline in charges on the recommendation of the school nurse. Grant of leave shall be at the discretion of the discipline in charges. Parents are discouraged to apply for leaves for their wards for attending parties, birthdays and marriages etc.

A student who fails to report from leave on due time will be fined Rs. 30/- per day.

2. Dayscholars

Dayscholars must address their leave applications to the class teachers explaining the causes of absent. He/She may grant leave upto three days. All the applications of the dayscholars must bear their parents' signatures. Applications without signatures will not be accepted. Absent without leave will be fined Rs. 20/- per day.