Promotion Criteria

  • Annual promotion is based on the combined result of the three Terminal Examinations. First Terminal Examination carries 20%, Second Terminal Examination carries 20% and Third Terminal Examination carries 60% of marks.
  • To pass the examination, a student must appear for all the three terminal exams and must obtain 40% of marks in the major subjects add 35% of marks in the minor subjects. The major subjects include English, Tibetan, Nepali and Mathematics only.
  • However, a student shall be promoted to the next higher class if he/she has obtained pass marks in all the subjects but is short of 5 marks in only one subject.
  • A student failing in two or more subjects shall be declared failed.



80% and above

1st Division

65% - 79.99%

2nd Division

50% - 64.99%

3rd Division

Below 50%