Thank you

"It's good that you exist but it is better if you live" Really, just to exist in this world is not enough because this world is a far beautiful place to live in. But then, there are some people who unfortunately are subjected to exist under severe problems. The never-ending wars, poverty, famine have put them in this pathetic state. They are the less fortunate fellows.

But still we believe that this world of our, is a good place. In fact, we are very optimistic that this world would one day be a far better place because there are still lots more people who do justice to their existence and who live their life. And who in their own ways are trying to make this world a better place for us and for our children to whom this world actually belongs.

Here are some people who in their own ways help to build a better and happier tomorrow for our children. Thank you all for sponsoring the less fortunate children of this school and helping them live.

The kin of Namgyal Middle Boarding School would like extending our genuine appreciation and gratefulness to all the sponsors and associations for their openhanded help for the family with severe financial problems.